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Duna (English: Duna Channel, formerly: Duna Televízió) is one of public television channels in Hungary. "Duna" is the Hungarian name for the Danube. Duna is the national main channel of the public media MTVA since 15 March 2015.
Duna TV is managed and primarily funded by the Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund (Hungarian: Médiaszolgáltatás-támogató és Vagyonkezelő Alap, abbreviated MTVA). This government organization, formed in 2011, also manages the public service broadcasters Magyar Televízió and Magyar Rádió as well as the Hungarian news agency Magyar Távirati Iroda.
On 1 July 2015, Duna TV as well as the three other public media organizations managed by the MTVA were merged into a single organization called Duna Media Service (Hungarian: Duna Médiaszolgáltató). This organization is the legal successor to Duna TV and is an active member of the European Broadcasting Union.