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Anixe (ANIXE, Greek for "open") is a free-to-air television channel with a focus on serial and feature film classics as well as on documentaries and magazines. ANIXE belongs to the private broadcasting corporation and is financed by the broadcasting of Infomercial broadcasts in addition to classic TV advertising.
Anixe started in 2006 as a pure HDTV station (under the name "ANIXE HD"). Since 2008, he has also broadcasted his program also in standard resolution via satellite and since the end of 2011 regionally via antenna reception (DVB-T). According to the company's homepage, ANIXE HD was the first free-to-air HDTV broadcasting station in Germany, which broadcast its program exclusively in the HD standard for the whole family". The manager of the station is Emmanouil Lapidakis. Marion Lapidakis is the sole shareholder of the operating company. The managing partner, ANIXE HD Television Verwaltungs-GmbH, is operated by Emmanouil Lapidakis.