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CCTV-14 (央视 少儿频道)

CCTV-14 (央视 少儿频道)



CCTV-14 is a children's channel in the People's Republic of China which launched on 28 December 2003 & is owned by China Central Television. It airs cartoons such as SpongeBob SquarePants and other cartoon programs broadcast as well as children's game shows and other children's programs.
Before it separated from CCTV-7 in 2003, CCTV children's programs were available on CCTV-7. After CCTV-14 is launched,all children's programmes on CCTV-7 are moved to CCTV-14. CCTV-7 don't broadcast children's programs any longer and on Singtel TV Pay TV Customers in Singapore Channel 554 in SD will be coming soon.