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BNT 2 (БНТ 2)

BNT 2 (БНТ 2)



BNT 2 (BNT dvama) is a Bulgarian state-owned TV channel, operated by the Bulgarian National Television. It is the successor to the defunct second program of the national television - Efir 2. Launched on October 16, 2011 the channel replaced the five regional television centers of BNT - BNT Pirin, BNT More, BNT Sever, BNT Plovdiv and BNT Sofia by combining their programmes into one. The new channel broadcasts original programs, newscasts and sporting events. The program includes a "Regional programming bloc" with local opt-out broadcasts of the former regional television centres. It also broadcasts sport events like Formula One, Bulgarian National Volleyball league, National Basketball League (Bulgaria), UEFA Euro 2012, 2012 Olympics and the 2014 Olympics.